Alzheimer's Home Care Services

Your Independence and Peace of Mind Matter to Us

Alzheimer’s disease is hideous.

Dementia is 100% committed to stealing the dignity of your loved one AND ripping your family apart.

Making matters far worse is the fact you only have so much time in the day to care for your loved one regardless of how much you love them.

It doesn’t take long for you and your family to get overwhelmed, and the quality of care starts to suffer for your loved one.

There are not enough minutes in the day to get everything done and still live your lives.

That’s why you need We Care Home Care.

Alzheimer's Home Care

Keep Your Loved One in the Comfort of Their Home

Your loved one means the world to you and DESERVES the VERY BEST CARE and to STAY in the privacy of their home.

We can help, and we’re ready to do it.

Alzheimer's Home Care Services You Can Trust

Not all Alzheimer’s home care services are the same. That means you need to do your due diligence when picking one.

Otherwise, you might end up causing harm to your loved one.

Anger, Confusion, and Anxiety Management

Alzheimer’s disease causes your loved one to feel all sorts of negative emotions. These hurt your family having to deal with them yourself.

Our Alzheimer’s home care workers get unique training to help your loved one when it happens

Using the Toilet

When a family member helps your loved one use the toilet and clean up after themselves, it steals their dignity.

It’s embarrassing for your family too.

We can handle that sort of thing from now on in a way that preserves your loved one’s dignity.


It’s hard to stay motivated and happy when you’re not taking regular care of your hygiene.

The same is true for your loved one too.

Our Alzheimer’s home care workers are ready to help with their bathing too. We want them happy and motivated and living their life to the fullest.

It’s not possible to do without regular hygiene care.

Getting Dressed and Undressed

Most Alzheimer’s Disease care patients need help getting dressed and undressed each day.

If that’s the case with your loved one, we’ll take over this burden for your family too.

Planning, Preparing and Serving Meals

Meal planning and preparation for your loved one takes a lot of time you don’t have to give.

Our trained Alzheimer’s home care specialists are ready to help

We will plan, prepare, and serve the nutritious and tasty meals your loved one deserves every day.

Grocery Shopping

Getting groceries for your loved one is another task we’re ready to take over for you.

You have a life of your own to live and only have so much time in the day to do it all.

We’re ready to help get your loved one the nutritious groceries they need to be healthy and happy.

Transferring to Chairs, Couches, and Getting in and Out of Bed

If you ever tried to move your loved one to a couch, chair, or bed, you know how hard it can be.

Our Alzheimer’s home care specialists are experts at safe transferring and avoid falls.

Wandering Prevention

Any person living with dementia who has mobility might wander off and get lost or hurt.

Since this would be bad, our Alzheimer’s home care workers are vigilant, so it never happens.

Keeping an eye on your loved one can be a 24/7 job. We’re ready to help you with it.

Reminders to Take Medicine

Your loved one must take all their medication every day at the same time for them to work.

That’s hard to remember on your own.

We’ll be there to remind your loved one at all their medication times.

Rides to Doctor Appointments

You can’t always be there for rides to doctors’ appointments.

We will drive your loved one to ALL their appointments that you can’t make.

Light Housekeeping & Laundry

Chores and laundry pile up fast when you don’t have someone helping you with it.

Add light housekeeping and laundry to the list of tasks we can help cover for you.

You have burdens, and we’re ready to help you with them


We all do better in life when we have good companions with us along the way.

The same is true for your loved one.

Our Alzheimer’s home care workers will help you keep them from getting lonely.

Loneliness is awful, and we’re ready to help you fight it in your loved one’s life.

Why We Home Care?

You and your loved one need Alzheimer’s home care help.

But why us?

For starters, our specialists are compassionate, competent, and caring.

Home is the most comfortable place in the world for your loved one, and we’re ready to help you keep them there.

What Locations Do We Serve?

We have Alzheimer's home care providers ready to serve the following areas:

How to Get Started

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