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Your Independence and Peace of Mind Matter to Us

Hiring a live-in caregiver was probably the LAST thing you were expecting to do. But that’s the situation you find yourself in today.

 Either you or a loved one needs help fast, and you’re here researching what you can do about it.

So here you are looking for information. You have options, and we’re ready to help you explore them all.

live-in caregiver

What Exactly is a Live-in Caregiver Service?

First, let’s discuss what live-in caregiver duties are and which ones you might need.

A live-in caregiver will work several days a week, giving you 24/7 care IN YOUR HOME. The rest of the week, a second live-in caregiver (or your family member) will come in to relieve him or her of their duties.

What those duties are will vary on your or your loved one’s needs.

Live-in Caregiver Duties

What can you expect from one of our live-in caregivers? Any of the following (if you need them!).

Reminders to Take Medication

It is against the law for a live-in caregiver to administer medication to you or your loved one.

But they WILL prompt you to take your meds when it’s time for them.

Your live-in caregiver will coordinate treks to the pharmacy for your refills so you don’t run out of meds. They can help you or your loved one open pill bottles too.

Light Housekeeping Duties

A clean home is essential for healing and for maintaining your positive mindset.

We want you or your loved one to live life to the fullest, and keeping all the housework done is part of that process.

Often feelings of guilt and depression creep in when clutter starts to accumulate.

We’ll be there to keep that from happening.

What specific housework will you get from a live-in caregiver:

Our Live-in Caregivers Provide Transportation Too. You or your loved one have places you need to be throughout the week. You need a live-in caregiver you can count on to get you to those places PROMPTLY when you need to be there.

This can include:
Personal Care and Grooming

No one likes needing help in the bathroom or with their hygiene. But if you need personal care and grooming services from a live-in caregiver, we’re ready to help.

This can include helping:
Meal Planning and Preparation

You or your loved one need fresh, delicious, and healthy meals to feel good and stay happy. That’s REALLY important to us. We love seeing our clients make progress!

Without those healthy meals, health and happiness are MUCH HARDER to maintain.

This can include:
Socializing and Life Enrichment Activities

Everyone can use a new friend. Daily socializing with that friend is even better AND HEALTHY TOO.

Our live-in caregiver will offer you or your loved one that kind of companionship. They are SERIOUS about that aspect of their job because of the long hours they’ll be “on the job.” They enjoy rapport with friends like everybody else.

Our live-in caregiver will help with life enrichment activities too.

This can include:

How Much Does a Live-In Caregiver Cost?

The cost of our live-in caregiver service depends on your (or loved one’s) specific needs.

Contact us today to discuss our services.

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