Senior Care Service:

When You Need a Passionate, Loving Team

Getting told, “you need senior care,” is zero fun.

You’re independent, love life, and will do anything you can to keep enjoying both.

So, you’re here scouting senior home care options and are unsure where to turn next.

Since all that can be scary, we put together this short guide to help you sort everything out.

Clean and sunlit living room representing light housekeeping services

What EXACTLY is Senior Care?

Life is fun, and you paid your dues and deserve your continued freedom.

Senior care is 100% about you keeping your independence in the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME.

It would be best if you had extra support at this stage of your life, that’s all.

When you get that support, you’ll give your family peace of mind, and you can stay engaged with your life.

What's Involved with Senior Home Care, Though?

When it comes to keeping your independence, you have options. Here’s a list of some of them.


While you may not want help at home, you do have room in your life for another friend. If you wish to chat, reminisce, or play Scrabble, we’re here for you


Everyone needs a little help now and again keeping their home clean. We can help you light housekeeping tasks, such as:


We can transport you to wherever you need to go. Say the word, and we’ll take you to:


You deserve to eat fresh, tasty, and healthy meals. We will prepare them according to YOUR preferences and dietary requirements.

We Will:


Need help getting transferred from bed to your wheelchair or other sitting option? We can help you with that too. That way, you can avoid injuries and keep enjoying your life.

Medication Reminders

While our senior home care can’t hand your medication to you, we can remind you to take them when it’s time.

We can also help you open pill bottles and plan trips to the pharmacy to make sure that you don’t run out of medication.

Hygiene and Toilet

You may not need help in the bathroom or with your hygiene, but if you do, we’re here for you.

This can include helping you:

Your independence and dignity are essential to you, and we’re ready to help you keep both.

Medical Advocate

No person is an island.

We all need help from time to time.

We care about your health and will advocate on your behalf during your clinic and doctor visits.

You can have peace of mind knowing that your healthcare team is getting the info they need when they need it.

Continued Peace of Mind for Your Family

Your family loves you and wants the absolute best for you. You love them too.

That goes without saying.

When you hire our senior home care workers to help you, you’ll give them MASSIVE amounts of peace of mind.

You’ll also get them off your backs about getting more help for yourself around the house.

Why Trust We Care Homecare?

You deserve the best home help for seniors. Our trained professionals are ready to provide them to you.

We Live Care So You Can Live Carefree

That’s more than a tagline too. We’re all about delivering peace of mind to you and your loved ones. You can witness that fact in everything we do.

We Love Witnessing Your Progress

We want you better. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you improve. We’ll help you celebrate the little wins along the way to keep momentum working in your favor.

We're Compassionate, Respectful, and Care About You

The last kind of people you want in your home are cold, hard people who are there to do a job and nothing else. Having those kinds of people around you WILL zap the fun out of your life lightning fast.

Not us, though. Life is beautiful, and only hire people who feel the same way. It’s something we insist upon and take very seriously.

We are Great Communicators and Are Punctual

It would be best if you had a tight-knit care network.

That requires exceptional communication skills of each of the members of your care team.

You can’t let your guard down in this area either, no matter how much you like your current caregiver. They are with you the most, and it’s essential they communicate well with the rest of your team for you to get better.

We insist that all our caregivers must have excellent communication skills. We also stand firm in the fact they are punctual in all they do for you.

We want you better. Period.

Personal Care and Grooming

No one likes needing help in the bathroom or with their hygiene. But if you need personal care and grooming services from a live-in caregiver, we’re ready to help.

How to Get Started with Our Elderly Care Services

You and your loved ones have questions about our services, and we’re ready to answer them for you.

Call 843-488-2972 now, and let us help you achieve your goal of living independently in the comfort of your home.